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Glare Shielding

Traffic Pre-Warning

Military Class Night Vision

Fog / Mist Penetration

Driving Video Recording

Intelligent Infrared Sensor

Drive SAFER using our

Life-Saving Technology

An active safety system to help drivers avoid and prevent vehicle collisions. Seatbelts and airbags are essential safety equipment, but there's no question that safety system that can help you avoid the accident entirely is priceless. That is what Protruly's active vehicle night vision safety system provides. The ability to see other vehicles and pedestrians on the road, along with lane markings and traffic signs, Protruly's active safety  system can give drivers more time to react and avoid potential hazards and accidents. Our camera uses military grade night vision technology to see up to 3 times further distance compared to your vehicle's headlights. It uses GPS to track your vehicle traveling speed and the camera will automatically zoom further into the distance the faster you are driving. You an view, record, and control everything in real time with your smartphone. Millions of drivers worldwide are already using the Protruly active vehicle night safety system to avoid collisions and save lives.

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